Thursday, December 22, 2005


Throughout history, the lowly fungus has been the victim of man’s ignorance and superstition. As a consequence of this fungophobic attitude, mushrooms have been associated with imaginary creatures and death. Many of the common names they have received reflect this bias. See if you can match the twelve mushroom species below with their common names. (Here’s a hint: I won’t help you but Arora might.)

Win a laminated mushroom identification chart. Just E-mail the correct answers to me at and you will automatically be entered in the drawing to be held at our next meeting.

a. Xylaria polymorpha
b. Pistolithus tinctorius
c. Polyzellus multiplex
d. Marasmius oreades
e. Clavulinopsis laeticolor
f. Helvella leucomelaena
g. Helvella lacunosa
h. Urnula craterium
i. Boletus satanus
j. Tremella mesenteria
k. Hygrocybe conica
l. Peziza sylvestris

__ Witch’s Butter
__ White-footed Elfin Cup
__ Dead Man’s Fingers
__ Fairy Ring Mushroom
__ Golden Fairy Club
__ Fluted Black Elfin Saddle
__ Dead Man’s Foot
__ Satan’s Bolete
__ Witch’s Hat
__ Fairy Tub


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